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Reset password email
ID de respuesta 11586   |   Revisado 05/06/2020

¿Por qué no recibo el correo electrónico que me permite restablecer mi contraseña?


Oracle Field Service (OFS)


I'm trying to reset my password using the Can't sign in feature in the login screen but I am not receiving the email. When checking with the dispatcher we identified that my email address was mispelled. Dispatcher fixed the issue with my email address but I am still not receiving the email to reset my password.


When you update the email address, the system may take up to 2,5 hours to synchronize the new information with the OFS Login Portal. Therefore, it is expected that you will not receive the email right after changing your email address, as it is being sent to the previous address on record. If you require immediate assistance with your password, contact an administrator/dispatcher that has permission to reset it for you.

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