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Adding emojis to distinguish activities
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How can I add emojis to identify activities?


Oracle Field Service (OFS)


I would like to add emojis to identify activities in Oracle Field Service. As an example, I would like the coffee mug to represent Break activities. I don't know if this is possible or how to achieve this configuration.


It is possible to use emojis to identify actiivties. Follow the steps below to achieve such configuration.

1- Go to Configuration > User Type  and select the User Type you would like the users to see the emojis. Go to Screen Configuration > Collaboration and Identifiers  > Activity Identifier. 

2- On the left, select one of the fields already added and click Add Text

3- Paste the Emoji you would like to use in the Name field

4- Click OK.

OFS enables customers to add specific visibility conditions for these emojis just as in regular properties.

5- To use the coffee mug on activity type 'Break', add visibility condition for aworktype in 'Break'

The coffe mug will be displayed where the activity identifiers are shown. As an example, it will be shown on search results.

Note: If you need to edit/change the emoji do not forget to click Save text to save your changes.


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