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Option to Delete an Activity in Cancel Screen
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Why do some activities have the option to "Delete" in the Cancel screen and others do not?


All Oracle Field Service releases


I want to cancel and delete an activity that is no longer needed but when I click Cancel I don't have the checkbox option "Delete".


For a user to be able to delete an activity, there are certain conditions that should be met:

1- In Configuration > User Types > General tab, the permission "Allow activity deletion" needs to be checked;
2- The activity status needs to be set to 'Pending';
3- The activity cannot be in a route that has been started/activated for the day.

If there is a need to delete an activity that is set to 'Pending' but it is in a route that has been activated for the day, moving the activity to a resource who has not yet activated the route or move the activity to a future day or to non-scheduled pool will display the option "Delete" within the Cancel screen.

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