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Force password change at next login option
ID de respuesta 11444   |   Revisado 06/04/2020

Why is 'Force password change at next login' option not available on Resource/User screen?


Oracle Field Service (OFS)


When creating a new User, the 'Force password change at next login' option only appears when I select a User Type that is associated with a 'Internal' authentication method Login Policy. The option is not displayed when I select a User Type associated with my SAML Login Policy.


The option 'Force password on next login' is only displayed for OFS Internal Login Policy users. For SAML Login Policy users, options like  'Force password on next login', Minimum password length, etc, are configured in customer's SAML service provider/identity provider (IDP) side. Therefore, option will not be available for selection in Resource/Users screen when creating a new User or editing an existing User associated with SAML authentication method.

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