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Visual Form Editor elements not available for all screen contexts
ID de respuesta 11474   |   Revisado 20/04/2020

Why are some elements unavailable for configuration in some of the Visual Form Editor screen contexts?


Oracle Field Service (OFS)


I would like to add a button to the 'Start Activity' screen but button element is not available for use. Some elements are not available for use in the Visual Form Editor.


Each screen context will display the element types that can be used in the specific screen. Buttons and tabs are elements that take user to another screen, therefore, those are not relevant and not available for use in the following screen contexts: 

  • Add activity
  • Start activity
  • Cancel activity
  • End activity
  • Suspend activity
  • Not done activity
  • Delay activity
  • Start prework
  • End prework
  • Install inventory
  • Deinstall inventory

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