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Changing the content of {activity_status} sent on messages from OFS outbound agent
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How can I change the content of {activity_status} sent on messages from OFS outbound agent to my external system?


Oracle Field Service (OFS) 20B Service Update 10.


I would like to change the values for {activity_status} placeholder that is sent on messages from OFS to my external system using Outbound API. I would like the values to be sent in a different language.


Starting on 20B Service Update 10 it is possible to edit/translate the content of the native field activity_status sent to your integration. Follow the steps below to achieve such configuration and please make sure your external system is prepared to receive the new values.

1- Go to Configuration > Glossary

2- On the right, click on All

3- On the drop-down select Category > Activity Status 

4- Click the magnifying glass to see all entries

5- Update the content in the desired language

6- click the Save button

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