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Activity Start time reported incorrectly
ID de respuesta 11659   |   Revisado 17/07/2020

Why is the activity Start time different from the time gathered in the column 'Action Time' in the activity History?


Oracle Field Service (OFS)


In the activity History tab, we have a record for the Start time as 16:56 but in the 'Action time' column it shows that action was performed at 15:11. When trying to set the activity to Completed at 15:30, the error 'End time cannot precede the start time' is shown.


This behavior is seen when the user that started the activity has the permission Set Action Time enabled for his/hers User Type. This permission allows the user to select a time for the action. If the user selected a specific time on the Start activity screen, the activity can only be completed after the selected time. Same would happen if the activity is completed by setting incorrect time (for example 1 hour ahead). The next activity in the route would only allow to be started after the selected time.

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