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New Administrator training
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I am a new administrator, how can I become familiar with our site?


Oracle B2C Service, Site Administration


I have been assigned as the new administrator for our Oracle B2C Service application, and the previous administrator is no longer with our company. I have little experience with this site. How do I determine how our site has been set up?


As a new administrator who is taking over the management of an existing site, nothing can replace the value of actual training. For more information on Oracle B2C Service Administration training opportunities, refer to Oracle University.

Familiarize yourself with the welcome process for new customers by watching the Getting Started with Oracle B2C Service Support video.

Other valuable resources are the Product Tutorials for your release. Click the proper release and then you can select to view groupings such as 'Administer'. Oracle B2C Service manuals and documentation are also available online.

Should you need assistance, Answer ID 2543: Contacting Oracle B2C Service Technical Support Services provides information to better understand best practices for interacting with the Oracle B2C Service Technical Support team. 

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