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System Requirements for Oracle Cobrowse
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Which agent and customer environments are supported by Oracle Cobrowse?


Oracle Cobrowse (all versions)


The information below provides supported environments for both agents and end-user customers using Cobrowse:

  • In Instant Cobrowse Mode (ICB)
  • In Advanced Cobrowse Mode
  • Integrated with the Oracle B2C Service Dynamic Agent Desktop or Oracle Service Chat
  • The Cobrowse Administrative Console

System Requirements for Oracle Standalone Cobrowse:

OS: Windows 8.1 or newer
Browser: Google Chrome 54+, Firefox 45+, IE11, MS Edge 14+

OS: Mac OS X 10.13 or newer
Browser: Google Chrome 54+, Safari 12+, Firefox 45+

Mobile Web (ICB mode only)
Safari Mobile 12+ (iOS 12.0+), Android 7.0+

Administrative Console
Firefox 45.0+, Google Chrome 54.0+, IE 11.0, Safari
12.0+, or MS Edge 14 or newer

Oracle Cobrowse integrated with the Oracle B2C Service Agent Desktop and/or Oracle Service Chat adheres to the Oracle B2C Service System Requirements. See Oracle B2C Service Infrastructure Requirements for your versions.

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