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Submitting an equipment/inventory related request
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What information should I include when submitting an equipment/inventory related request?


Equipment/inventory requests

Oracle Field Service


When submitting an equipment/inventory related request, please use the following information to ensure your request gets resolved in a timely manner.

1. Date & Time of action:

By providing us with the date and time of an action, we are able to easily identify issues in the logs during this time.

2. Detailed Description:

By providing us with a detailed description of the issue you are experiencing, including steps to reproduce, OFS Support can accurately isolate the issue and decrease time to resolution.

3. Technician External ID, Work Order number, & Equipment/Inventory ID:

By providing OFS Support with the External ID of the technician, equipment/inventory ID, as well as the work order number where the issue was observed, this will allow us to easily identify the issue.

- Can't find the external ID?

The external_id field can be located or added to Resource hintResource Info or Edit Resource/User screen context


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