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Documentation for Oracle Field Service
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What documentation is available for Oracle Field Service


Oracle Field Service (OFS) 


Oracle Field Service documentation includes information about releases, product configuration, service updates, and archived versions for previous releases.

Oracle Field Service Release Names
We have changed our product versioning terminology to align with changes to Oracle Cloud CX applications environment release update and maintenance schedules. The release names will consist of the last two digits of the calendar year, followed by the letter A, B, C, or D, which correspond to the four calendar quarters (February, May, August and November). i.e. Our August release is named Oracle Field Service 20C.

Documentation for the Latest Release - 21D (November 2021)

Documentation Library 
Release Readiness Information
Features Guide contains a detailed description of key features found in the What's New document
Release Notes for 21D (November 2021) describes new features, changes and altered functionality with brief overviews of these changes (including Weekly Service Updates)

Oracle Field Service Optimization Best Practices - This book contains many helpful hints and suggestions to help you improve and get the full benefit from your Oracle Field Service subscription.

Oracle Field Service Solution Design Guidelines [For Implementers] - This book provides the guidelines to create your proposed business solution to implement Oracle Field Service.

Migration Guide Between Legacy Manage and the Core Application - This book helps you understand the changes you can expect to see during the migration from Legacy Manage UI to Core Application UI.   

Documentation for Previous Releases

2021 2020 2019
21C (August 2021) 20D (November 2020) 19D (November 2019)
Documentation Library Documentation Library Documentation Library
Release Notes for 21C Release Notes Release Notes
21B (May 2021) 20C (August 2020) 19C (August 2019)
Documentation Library Documentation Library Documentation Library
Release Notes for 21B Release Notes Release Notes
21A (February 2021) 20B (May 2020)  
Documentation Library Documentation Library  
Release Notes for 21A Release Notes  
  20A (February 2020)  
  Documentation Library  
  Release Notes  


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