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Sessions, visits and hits explained
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What is the difference between sessions, visits and hits?


Oracle B2C Service All supported versions


Billable Sessions allow end users to access Web Self-Service, Chat, Feedback, Outreach, Mobile and CX for Facebook capabilities delivered through a web page. End users may authenticate into RightNow or to their preferred identity provider, submit questions and manage accounts, access self-service capabilities to search the knowledge base and receive relevant answers to their questions, participate in surveys and complete web forms, take their web customer service to the mobile web or to Facebook’s global social network. 

A visit is a series of end user interactions that can span one or more billable sessions. The length of a web visit is configurable and allows an organization to track and report on activities by a single user for up to 12 hours.

Hits are the total number of page turns made by the end users. A hit can be a request to a web server for a file, page turn or the number of times an item was accessed and matches a certain condition, actions performed by end users. When a web page is downloaded from a server, the number of hits or page hits is equal to the number of file requests performed by the end user.

When you notice and report increased web visit activity, please also take into consideration the value of the configuration setting PURGE_CS_SESSION_SUMMARY, as this specifies the number of days after which the clickstream session summary table (cs_session_summary) will be truncated. Reporting any suspect visit behavior within the interval of the days defined in this configuration setting, will allow technical support to investigate the issue using the existing table data before it is truncated(rows are deleted automatically to allow new data entries).

For more details regarding a session's anatomy, benefits of removing old session data, visit reporting and how to modify a configuration setting, please also see:

Si tiene preguntas sobre qué genera una sesión y cómo puede evitar la facturación inexacta de la sesión en su sitio por favor consulte Demystifying Session Usage (PDF). Algunos simples errores en la personalización y configuración pueden incrementar las sesiones facturables. Para más información, ver Información de Uso de Sesión.

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